DFGN 101

Welcome to the DFGN member page! Here, we've gathered the resources most requested by our members, along with general guidelines and recommendations for navigating all our platforms and getting the most out of awesome collaborations. We understand that being part of a vibrant, large community doing incredible things can sometimes feel overwhelming—but don't worry, we've got you covered. Welcome to your DFGN 101 guide, where you can find:

Key DFGN resources

includes popular and practical items like the presentation of ongoing projects from IDFW, the DFGN Map, and our famous baby box, among others.

Communication platforms

A quick reminder of the platforms we use for communication. Not on board yet? Simply hit the join button.

Important dates

A rundown of essential dates to keep in mind, make sure they're on your calendar!

DFGN resources and instructions

Check out our popular DFGN Map to see who’s the newest member of our community!


Explore our member list in Excel format, where you’ll find details of the hosting institution, location, and year each member joined the network.

DFGN member list

Need to connect with a Design Factory? Just reach out to the contact listed in our network section. For more details, we’ve got a handy contact document for our DFers. Remember, our master email list is for internal use only—keep it secure and don’t share it externally to keep things smooth and safe for everyone.

DFGN contact master list

Agreed and signed by all our members, the infamous ‘DFGN Membership Agreement’.

DFGN membership agreement

Our modular and colorful visual identity is designed for everyone to use! It’s easy and fun to incorporate into your visuals. You can find the visual identity and the training video here. Please follow the guidelines closely when using the DFGN logo, but feel free to have fun with the rest!

DFGN visual Identity

Whether you're looking for a quick refresh or just starting out, our Baby Box packs everything you need to navigate and enjoy the network.

DFGN baby box

Check out this slide deck for the latest DFGN stats and a quick intro to what we do. Feel free to use or borrow slides to jazz up your presentation!

DFGN general presentation

Need a workspace? We’ve got a network-wide file sharing on Google Drive ready for you to use. This folder is also for DFGN members only, so please DO NOT share this with externals.

DFGN Drive

Dive into this slide deck from the last International Design Factory Week (IDFW) to explore current ongoing projects. Note: This presentation only includes projects that were presented or initiated during IDFW.

IDFW’23 project planning presentation



Slack is the official communication channel for DFGN members. Make sure you check it to get updated on what’s happening in the network and interact with other DFs. If someone from your DF is not on Slack, just send a request to add them, and our admins will approve it.


User Groups: Everyone on Slack is sorted into user groups by their DF, making it easier to find and collaborate with the right people. Explore this feature by clicking ‘More’ in the left-hand dropdown menu and selecting ‘People & user groups’.

DFGN General Canvas: You can also find compiled DFGN resources.

WhatsApp Community

WhatsApp is our go-to for quick, casual conversations across the network. To stay organised, we have several groups you can join through the community page on WhatsApp:


DFGN General: This is your all-year-round group for anything and everything DF-related.

Event-specific groups (IDFW, World DF Day, Bootcamp, etc.): We create dedicated WhatsApp groups for each event to streamline communication and capture all the fun memories!


Another one of our key communication methods is, as you all know, emails! You can always reach out to Felipe and Sara, they are always happy to have a nice chat.


We have a contact master list that includes emails of every DF representative all over the DFGN! (DO NOT share this with any external parties outside of DFGN)

Dates to keep in mind in 2024 and 2025

IDFW International Design Factory Week

Annually, DFGN members gather in varying global locations to collaborate, share best practices, and engage with the local host. Organized by the DFGN team and the local institution, this members-only event re-energizes our community and fosters planning for future cooperation

Typically held in September-October

DF.Y? Design Factory. Why?

Held at Aalto Design Factory, this event offers both virtual and onsite training for newcomers eager to immerse themselves in the Design Factory culture and start crafting experimental plans for their own Design Factories. Open to the public, DF.Y is particularly beneficial for those interested in establishing a Design Factory and DFers to re-energize.

Typically held in February-March

WDFD World Design Factory Day

Our annual virtual celebration highlights initiatives from Design Factories worldwide. Open to the public, this event invites all to join, although some sessions may be exclusive to members.

Typically held in May-June

DFGN UnBoxed

A new pilot event launching in 2024, evolved from previous DFGN research conferences. This non-traditional conference focuses on unboxing themes relevant to DFGN, inviting practitioners, experts, educators, and academics to collaborate. While primarily for members, interested non-members may contact the DFGN team for participation details. This event is very related to the IDFW, hosted in the same week and annual location.

Typically held in September-October